Rock Access: You guys chose to release ‘AB III‘ in Europe before making it available in the US, do you worry that sales may not be as strong since it has had more time to float around the Internet?

Myles Kennedy: It was definitely a concern. There were many different factors that I won’t bore you with as to why we had to stagger the release of the album. Since it’s release last week, we have been pleasantly surprised with how well it has done in the U.S.

RA: Do you even worry about sales as much now that you don’t have a major label to answer too?

MK: At this point, albums are just a way to promote tours. The days of massive record sales are gone for most Rock bands. As long as people are coming to the shows, we will be happy.

RA: Is Alter Bridge Recordings something you intend to use exclusively for Alter Bridge or do you hope to one day sign other bands to the label?

MK: It is just for Alter Bridge at this point. We make the records on our own and then use major distribution to get the record out there.

RA: On ‘Blackbird‘ you said the title track took more time to come together and get right, is there a similar track on ‘AB III‘?

MK: “Slip to the Void” took a little more time than some of the other tracks. I wouldn’t say that it was as difficult to put together as “Blackbird.”

RA: Were the lyrics on ‘AB III‘ inspired by events you have been through personally or things you’ve seen on tour, etc.?

MK: The lyrics are generally a snapshot of where I have been in my life either when they were written or from previous life experiences. I tend to do better with that approach. If I can’t relate to a theme or subject lyrically, I have a harder time conveying the song to the listener.

RA: Are the more emotional lyrics harder to perform?

MK: Once in a while, I will finish singing a song like “Blackbird” and feel pretty drained. It definitely can be a challenge a times.

RA:The band released ‘Live in Amsterdam‘ to Amazon last year, do you think that will receive a proper release now?

MK: I sure hope so. The fact that it never got a proper release has been a frustrating experience to say the least. Hopefully, we will get it sorted out soon.

*** Note: ‘Alter Bridge: Live in Amsterdam’ will be released on DVD and BluRay on January 11th. ***

RA: It was announced on Friday, November 5th, that EMI [distributor of Alter Bridge Recordings] might be split up, is that something that concerns you?

MK: We will be fine regardless of what happens. We have learned to be resilient since we have been through so many changes over the last few years.

RA: You spent the summer touring with Slash, were there any ‘Rockstar’ type moments where you were like, “Wow, I’m in the same band as Slash!”?

MK: I got to experience some really cool things with Slash this summer. One of my favorite moments was opening for AC/DC in Nice France. It was a really great vibe that night. Paris was great as well. To be honest, I could go on an on about that one. I am a very lucky person. I have so much respect for that guy.

RA: On top of touring with Slash, you’ve been working on a solo album. How does that material differ from what you write for Alter Bridge or what you released with The Mayfield Four?

MK: The people who have heard it so far have mentioned that it is a departure from AB. It’s more acoustic based throughout the record. It was a very challenging record to make, but I really enjoyed the process.

RA: Any idea when that might be released?

MK: That is a really good question. It looks like I will be touring nonstop until November or December of 2011. Maybe I will try and time it to be released the same week that the Mayan Calender predicts the end of the World in 2012. [laugh]

RA: There is a video on YouTube where you talk about how you’ve been writing songs for twenty five years. Is there a song that you look back on now and think “What was I thinking when I wrote that?”?

MK: There are a few songs on the first Citizen Swing record that make me chuckle. I was just learning how to become a writer during that era. I think it was a little early in my career to release anything to the public. I needed more time to develop overall.

RA: Out of everything you’ve wrote, what song still puts you in the same frame of mind that you were in when it was written?

MK: Each album I have been a part of is a snapshot of where I was in my life lyrically and musically. It’s really kind of cool to hear a song that was written 10 years ago and be transported back to that era. To answer your question I’d have to say most of the songs on “Second Skin” by The Mayfield Four. That will always be a special one for me.

RA: The whole band has so much going on. Is it difficult to balance Alter Bridge with your solo material, Creed, touring with Slash and everything else that life throws at you?

MK: Yeah, it’s challenging sometimes but I’m not complaining, I love every minute of it. If I were to take any of this for granted I would be a fool.

RA: Alter Bridge is on tour though January and then you’re back on tour with Slash. How extensive will Alter Bridge’s touring for AB III be?

MK: Alter Bridge will be touring plenty next year. We would like to hit as many markets as possible.