Track list for the Limp BizkitICON‘ greatest hits effort has been confirmed. Due out on July 19th the release includes:

1. “Counterfeit”
2. “Faith” (George Michael Cover)
3. “Nookie”
4. “Break Stuff”
5. “Re-Arranged”
6. “Take A Look Around”
7. “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)”
8. “My Way”
9. “Eat You Alive”
10. “Behind Blue Eyes” (The Who Cover)
11. “The Truth”

The band’s new studio album ‘Gold Cobra‘ is due June 28th.

4 comments on: Limp Bizkit Announce Greatest Hits Track List

  1. NinjaNick

    Looks short for a Greatest Hits album. The other fares better, though.

    • heavyandmelodic

      I thought it was short as well.

  2. dude

    Call me crazy but I’d love to have their cover of Sanitarium from Metallica’s Icon special in an official capacity.

  3. Dryxx

    This does seem a little depressing, considering there have been a number of great Bizkit tracks left off of this “supposed” Greatest Hits… Unfortunate.

    Regardless, still looking forward to Gold Cobra!!

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