They may be called Repeater, but the Long Beach, CA band is anything but a copy of their influences and contemporaries. The four piece’s unique sound blends haunting vocals, art rock guitars, pounding drums, driving bass and ambient, moving keyboards.

Formed in 2004, Repeater’s latest full-length LP We Walk From Safety with producer Ross Robinson (The Cure, The Klaxons, At-The Drive In) set for release on August 2, 2011. A sonic journey from start to finish, the group conjures up textures akin to Mew and The Cure. The vocal presence of frontman Steve Krolikowski shifts fluidly from the aggression of The Deftones, to the hopeful urgency of Arcade Fire, to the soothing softness of Sigur Ros. Resurrecting his legendary label I Am Recordings which launched The Blood Brothers, Slipknot and Glassjaw, Robinson released the band’s 3-song Patterns EP in 2010.

Truly reaching their zenith of expression as a live band, Repeater’s vibrant lights illuminate the stage while the orchestrated power and chemistry capture audiences at every performance. Each member has an amazing grasp of tone and dynamics, and it has shown on stages large and small.

With We Walk From Safety, expect a sound that is familiar yet challenging, warm yet aggressive and uncompromising. Each track captures a strange moment in life and time and reinvents it as a sonic picture. The individuals in Repeater become a machine fueled by emotion and dedication to the song.

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