Nickelback To Release ‘Here And Now’ In November

Published September 8, 2011

Nickelback will release their new album ‘Here and Now‘ on November 21st. The first singles “Bottoms Up” and “When We Stand Together” will be released to radio on September 26th.


  1. Subtle_Monkey says:

    Interesting…I didn’t even know anything about this release. I wonder if the somewhat abrupt album release date is the industry’s new way of combating pirating. Instead of building hype for months and months (and then having the songs leak), they just announce the album release a couple of months early, and put the single(s) out right before.

    Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if it’s true, it’s a bit smart.

    • pschrade says:

      This is the first I’m hearing of it as well. The “last minute” announcement is actually interesting tactic. I don’t know if that necessarily would reduce pirating though. If an album is going to leak, it’s going to leak regardless of when an official announcement is made. Who knows?

  2. NinjaNick says:

    Oh, boy. Can’t wait for that.

    *rolls eyes*

  3. good old billy says:

    Canadian rock at its finest.

  4. Nightmare says:

    It would be awesome if the new album was a mix of The State and Silver Side Up, but I have a feeling it will be the Dark Horse part II crap.

  5. heavyandmelodic says:

    lookin forward to it, hope it’s similar to Dark Horse.

    • jgoldwood says:

      Are you serious? The only talk about that album on a rock website is how awful it is and how it pushes “rock” in an opposite direction of where it should be going.