Drowning Pool have announced the departure of vocalist Ryan McCombs. McCombs joined the group in 2006 and was featured on 2007’s ‘Full Circle‘ and their 2010 self-titled album.

Drowning Pool are currently writing for their fifth studio release and searching for a new vocalist.

In October McCombs reunited with SOiL for a UK tour with Puddle of Mudd.

8 comments on: Drowning Pool Announce Departure Of Ryan McCombs

  1. shambles

    Damn, these guys aren’t lucky when it comes to find a permanent vocalist…

  2. NinjaNick

    At least he lasted longer than the others. I wonder who will be the next…

    • jman3000

      Dan Patrick (DP) singing for DP (Drowning Pool).

  3. Chris

    If SOiL isn’t going to do anything with Jordan Lee, which at this point I doubt, Drowning Pool should check him out.

  4. Injured

    The band died with Dave Williams

    • shambles

      Sad, but true. The second album was pure garbage and the others were just… hmm… ok.

      • NinjaNick

        Yeah, Sinner was the true DP album.

  5. jman3000

    Hopefully Soil will stay reformed with Ryan and produce an album. The last few Soil albums weren’t as good. As for Drowning Pool, keep trying. They’ve been decent since Dave Williams, just not quite as good.

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