Linkin Park will release their new record ‘Living Things‘ on June 26th. The first single “Burn It Down” impacts on April 16th and is streaming below.

12 comments on: Linkin Park Set Date For ‘Living Things’; Stream New Single

  1. NinjaNick

    Hm, I don’t know how to describe this song. It’s okay, but it sounds a little too midi synth-pop, overall.

    • down

      Linkin Park have been rubbish for a long time…this is no better

      • NinjaNick

        The last two albums did let me down. I just hope the rest of the album has more guitar playing and actual drumming. This song doesn’t impress me, overall.

  2. Nightmare

    Interesting song. It’s not bad, but they said that this album was supposed to be closer to their earlier stuff. Maybe this is the ‘different’ song off the album.

  3. matab14

    Terrible! IMO! Why can’t they bring back old school Linkin Park! It was WORLDS ON END better than this crap. I hope the rest of the album is a complete different style! If not it’ll go over about as good as there last album did with sales!

    • Gravity

      Yes I’m sure they’ll be really torn up if they release another number one album with over 700,000 copies sold.

  4. Hopefromdespair

    WTF!! This is weak as hell. Even the words. What a Joke!

  5. jman3000

    MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! They should change their name to The Prodigy 2.0. This isn’t rock music. I hope other songs on this album sound like rock music. Even for an electonica song this is really weak. The Prodigy is much better than them.

  6. kingofthe515

    I like this song a lot…just bought it on Itunes

  7. heavyandmelodic

    not as “rock” as I was led to believe. still sounds like a song that would be on their last album. obviously, they can make whatever music they like but the thing that upsets me more is saying it’ll be closer to a return of their older style but not being true. hopefully the rest of the album is indeed closer to old-school LP.

  8. pschrade

    Not exactly what I was expecting.

  9. Subtle_Monkey

    It’s very basic. I didn’t start to like it until the guy started rapping. That added a nice touch, but it’s still very “junior” in my opinion. Hopefully I’ll enjoy their other new songs better.

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