A new Drowning Pool track titled “In Memory Of…” is now online and streaming below. The track is the first featuring new vocalist Jason Moreno.

4 comments on: Drowning Pool Stream “In Memory Of…”

  1. NinjaNick

    Kind of sounds like Alice in Chains at the beginning, but the singer’s voice was decent. Probably the best DP singer since the late Dave. (RIP).

    • DefterA

      funny, I thought the same exact thing about the song and also about this DP singer being the best since Dave…if you remove the fact that their name still says “Drowning Pool” and just listen to the song, unbiased, it’s a pretty good song actually

  2. Koldes

    Restricting myself to not make any comparisons to current and previous singers – I will say that this song isn’t bad at all. It’s very accessible, but not commercialized, either.

  3. Injured

    Agreed – definitely their best vocalist since Dave. I’ve always thought they should’ve reformed under a new name, especially after several lackluster replacements. But good on them for continuing to stick it out.

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