Red are streaming their new track “Release the Panic” below. The band’s new album is due February 5th.

8 comments on: Red “Release The Panic”

  1. airtas

    this is horrible

  2. NinjaNick

    Are you kidding me? This is fantastic. Not their very best, but it’s awesome enough.

  3. bulletboys

    i think its horrible too!

  4. RebelDog

    Pretty shitty – and its all over the place too. This whole genre, you know, the kind Rock Access has a boner for – is dying and failing to impress lately.

  5. Nightmare

    I like it but I feel like something is lacking.

  6. Fluffy Pink Cushion

    I don’t mind it. However, both lyrically and musically if I want something that has an Egypt Central flavour, I’ll buy an Egypt Central album.

  7. jman3000

    Great songs. The reason why you think it sounds like Egypt Central is because Jasen Rauch produced the first song on “White Rabbit”, he also produced a few other songs of other bands like Breaking Benjamin, Love and Death, and of course his old band Red. His signature is the crunchy guitar sound that you can definitely hear in a lot of Red’s material including this song. I think its a grea songs. Also, thos genre isn’t dying. It will be here and then in 10 years most likely will become more popular just like the trend went in the beginning of the millenium. I also know its not dying because when you go to rock festivals in the U.S., there are still thousands of people who are there. The “popular” media wants you to thnk that this genre is dying (cough cough MTV etc.), when in all actuality it is not.

  8. Fluffy Pink Cushion

    I didn’t realise Jasen Rauch produced it. From a musical standpoint I can see what you mean. However, the lyrics are also significantly more simplistic than I usually associate with Red. This is the most disppointing component of the song. I hope the genre doesn’t die out though, otherwise I have no idea what I will listen to.

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