My Darkest Days Announce Guitarists Departure

Published January 5, 2013

My Darkest Days guitarist Sal Costa has announced his departure from the group. The band is currently writing for their third studio release which is due later in the year.

Thanks Steve


  1. heavyandmelodic says:

    Nooo! He seemed like a pretty big part of the band in terms of the live show and vocals and lead guitar. But at least they parted amicably. Wish the best to both parties fo sho!

  2. jgoldwood says:

    People actually care about this joke of a band?

  3. RebelDog says:

    Band underperformed and was overproduced.

    So the guy left the band. Id bet dollars to donuts this band doesnt even exist anymore.

    He left a car that had no gas or engine. No big loss. No fucks given.

  4. NinjaNick says:

    This band needs to break up already. One hit wonders.

  5. matab14 says:

    Well Matt Walst is now the Lead Singer of Three Days Grace. So sounds ya guys got your wish……

    Just an awful replacement!