Three Days Grace front-man Adam Gontier has announced his departure from the band due to non-life threatening health condition.

My Darkest Days vocalist Matt Walst will join the band temporarily for their upcoming co-headlining tour with Shinedown. Dates can be found at this location.

Audio of Walst performing “The High Road”, “Chalk Outline” and “Riot” can be streamed below.

My Darkest Days continue to write for third studio album which is due later in the year.

6 comments on: Adam Gontier Leaves Three Days Grace

  1. last2know

    sad to hear! very abrupt, makes me think there’s more to it then his official announcement lead on to… been my favorite plan for over a decade. Adam WAS and IS 3dg

    these new recordings are a joke, especially riot. are you kidding me?? way too layered, auto-tuned, and weak sounding. if the studio can’t even save matt on these, i shudder to think of what the live show will be like

    RIP 3DG

  2. Heard those re-cut tracks earlier, extremely disappointing. Maybe the options were limited by short notice but it’s a bad fit between singer & song. And I say that as somebody who actually likes MDD & has no issue with the vocals there.

  3. matab14

    I agree with previous 2 statements. I almost bought tickets about a month or so ago fro there upcoming Nashville, TN show. Thankfully I didn’t! Just a huge let down. It sounds as if they known about this officially since Dec 21st too. I think they really should of the tour. Just isn’t the same and if they do go on they really need to just start a new band. Otherwise it’ll be just like Evans blue without Kevin Matsyn! Chandler sounds nothing like him in my opinion!

    Sad day for sure either way! 3DG kept me rocking after Breaking Benjamin dismantled and now this doesn’t leave much to fall on or so it seems! lol Maybe I need to switch genre’s! ha

  4. jgoldwood

    Haha… I didn’t buy tickets to this tour because of Three Days Grace – I didn’t think they could get worse. I was WAY off. My Darkest Days is terrible, with this version of a mediocre band coming close to matching them.

  5. heavyandmelodic

    Sucks for us fans that he’s leaving but at the same time, if it’s best for him to leave then good on him. He shouldn’t have to stay because of pressure to or anything like that, as much as it pains me to say that. I was looking forward to seeing them play the new stuff live and it’s kind of weird timing for a bunch of reasons, but I wish him the best.

    As for the band moving on, I do like Matt and MDD, but I don’t feel he’s the right fit and they should probably postpone/cancel the tour to address situation. IMO, they need someone with a darker voice. Matt’s voice fits well with a party band but not as much with a darker band.

  6. DWood

    Holy shit those tracks sound awful. You might as well record me singing the songs in my car. I can’t believe they would even release something that sounds so bad. I know they don’t want to cancel and disappoint fans that bought tickets, but please save us the pain of listening to this.

    Do your thing Adam! Sorry to see him leave the band b/c I really like 3DG, but hopefully he will start another project.

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