The following releases are now available:

Single Releases

Black Sabbath – “God is Dead” (Republic) – Amazon MP3
Heaven’s Basement – “Fire, Fire” (Red Bull Records) – Amazon MP3
Skillet – “Sick of It” (Atlantic) – Amazon MP3

Album Releases

Rob Zombie – ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor‘ (UMe) – Amazon MP3
Stardog Champion – ‘Exhale‘ – Amazon MP3

10 comments on: Available Today

  1. Sox5452

    The Sammus Theory – Entitled Anonymous

    • Thanks Sox! The first two albums were pretty decent, I’ll have to make sure and check this one out.

  2. RebelDog

    Stop listing shitty regional bands that no one cares about. Its not news if its not newsworthy.

    • Sox5452

      Who are you to say its not newsworthy. This site has posted about the band multiple times.

      • RebelDog

        And being that RockAccess is one of the most plagiarizing, lame “news” sites (copy/paste =journalism?) they were wrong to do so before – but they got better not reporting on lame little bands with no record deal.

        Back to your crap band. doesnt cover AA ball clubs and CNN doesnt report on Starbucks openings in the middle of Nebraska.

        No one cares about these stupid, unpopular, regional bands. They aren’t even on a legit label and BETTER YET NO LEGIT DISTRIBUTION!

        • ragekorne

          What an asshole opinion. Why are you on this site? Sometimes I browse the comments and if someone suggests a band and I’m bored I’ll check ’em out. Like you said, this is a small site, so why the hell gives a rats ass this much that someone commented on a bands release. In my opinion any publicity, even as small as a comment on a small site, is good for actual bands that create music in this day and age of throw away bubble gum pop and autotune. Sox5452 don’t listen to this ass hat troll….keep reporting anything you find “newsworthy”. It may help a band find a new fan.

        • dunn

          Sox5452 keep on posting. So far 4 other people care. There’s no reason for these comments.

          • Sox5452


    • You know every band started out as someone else’s “shitty” regional band right bro?

  3. RebelDog

    your right B R O!

    but those shitty regoinal bands didnt get coverage on “news” sites.

    although rock access is kinda like bottom feeder news site – you know – posting about 3-5 things a week while most reputable sites do it 15-20 times a day

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