A lyric video for Fight or Flight’s (Disturbed, Evans Blue, Ra) “First of the Last” can now be streamed below. The band will release their debut album ‘A Life By Design?‘ on July 23rd.

8 comments on: Fight Or Flight Post “First Of The Last” Lyric Video

  1. RebelDog

    Lets get one thing clear – this is a disturbed side project. Evans blue and ra just happen to be bands the other members are in. They have no controll or input in the band.

    It’s 100% disturbed equity. Warner Bros gives no shits about the other acts. Only slow crap sites like this mention those 3rd tier unsuccessful acts

  2. Dude, why you spewing so much hate. Music is supposed to bring people together, just like this band brings together guys from different bands. Let’s face it, without these other guys from these “3rd tier unsuccessful acts” as you have defined them, we wouldn’t have this sound.

    • RebelDog

      Of course we’d have this sound no matter who’s playing in the studio.

      If you think this band is a collaborative effort of 3 bands you are simply fooling yourself.

  3. kingofthe515

    You’re right RebelDog, this must be purely a Disturbed side project….because it sucks dick and everything I’ve heard Evans Blue is pretty good. It’s unfortunate that he’s on this track.

    • RebelDog

      The numbers show otherwise – will disturbed outselling these other bands 30 to 1. Being popular must make you awful eh?

      Stay cool bro. Evans blue – both singers – are not good.

  4. Robbpoint


  5. jman3000

    I don’t understand the hatred here. This song sounds great to me. Looking forward to the rest of the album. Dan Chandler is a great singer and this sounds nothing like Disturbed. Device sounds more like Disturbed than this.

  6. Injured

    “After a few months home, I was going through withdrawals from the road. I actually met Dan Chandler online in 2011. I requested him on Facebook because I’m a fan of Evans Blue. I watched them at Rock on the Range that same year, and he sounded incredible. We had spoken about collaborating in passing that day, but I didn’t think much of it until Disturbed decided to go on a hiatus.”

    He adds, “We didn’t have a plan for it, we just wanted to write together, there was no discussion of the direction, we just let it happen naturally … Although there’s some trademark things in the way Mike and I play, when you add another writer and new voice with Chandler, it’s going to be different. It’s got edgy moments, but there’s more melody across the board. We had the chance to experiment as well. There are acoustic guitars and some electronics even.”

    -Dan Donegan, from a Loudwire article.

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