Pop Evil have premiered the video for their single “Trenches”, check it out below.

The band’s fourth studio album, ‘Onyx‘, is due May 14th.

2 comments on: Pop Evil Premiere “Trenches” Video

  1. RebelDog

    Anyone else think the singer of this band – Khaki Pants -or whatever, is the cockiest, most ego-trippin singer in the world? Guy acts like he’s sold millions of records and is the most influential front man of the last 20 years. He just seems so full of himself and obnoxious that its kind of a turn off to this whole band….

    • I do kinda see where he comes across that way at times but he’s also pretty down to earth on social media & what not. His stage presence – really that of the whole band – has a rock star vibe about it (and I mean that in a good way).

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