First, welcome to the “new” I will be doing things a little different from here on out. Instead of individual news topics, there will be one (maybe two) posts a day with a summary of what’s going on plus commentary (at no extra charge!). It is my hope that by doing this it will free up a little time and allow me to be more involved with the site!

There may be some layout issues, so just over look them for the next few days. If there still there next week, feel free to complain.

So, here is a little recap of whats happened this week…

Devour the Day launched a new Kickstarter campaign seeking $40,000 to make a music video for their single “Good Man”. Blake and Joey are awesome, but $40k for a music video? Framing Hanley had a $40k goal to record and distribute their new album (which is due out later in the year)! This ranks up there with Orgy looking to raise $100k for a new album and Nonpoint asking for fans to fund a tour!

Speaking of Framing Hanley, a lyric video for “No Saving Me” made it’s debut.

A new track, “Blister“, from Seether’s greatest hits album is online. Check the album out when it hits stores October 29th.

A Perfect Circle streamed a new track (By and Down) from their upcoming greatest hits release ‘Three Sixty‘, due November 19th.

Metallica isn’t avoiding making a new album, but they aren’t making one. At least not yet…

Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) stated that guitarist Mick Mars “doesn’t want to tour much longer”. That’s what happens when you’re 62 and have a spinal disease.

Creed’s Scott Stapp streamed “New Day Coming” from the new album ‘Proof of Life‘. I’m more impressed that Billboard knew that Scott Stevens is/was the vocalist for The Exies. Stevens co-wrote Stapp’s single “Slow Suicide“.

Eye Empire’s sorta sophomore album ‘Evolve‘ is set to be released on October 29th. The band is offering a free download of the track “The War Isn’t Over” here. Can’t wait for this!

Emphatic’s new album ‘Another Life‘ (due October 22nd) debuted on Thursday. The disc will be the band’s first with new front-man Toryn Green (ex-Fuel). What do you think about it and where is Carl Bell these days?

Glenn Danzig requested a crowd in Ybor City, Florida to punch a “f**king asshole” after the said “asshole” was recording the performance. That didn’t actually happen last week, but who’s the asshole? Danzig or cell phone dude? Do people with phones at concerts annoy you? Is it hard to enjoy a band’s set if you have your phone in the air the entire time?

Ben Draiman, bother of Disturbed’s David Draiman, has a cover of Disturbed’s “Stricken”… thoughts?

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