It’s Wednesday and I wish people would forget the stupid camel!

If you happen to live in Germany, or another licensed area, you can now stream Volbeat’sDead But Rising” music video. If you do not live in a licensed area, you cannot stream this video. It’s 2013. Why are there video restrictions due to the country you live in?

Slash appeared on “Larry King Now” last week where he stated that if a Guns N’ Roses reunion happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Bet he gets tired of being asked about Guns N’ Roses. Honestly, why would anyone really want to be associated with the Axl Rose train wreck?

Devil You Know, the group featuring former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones, have signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The first track from the band, “Shut it Down”, can be streamed on Facebook. Look for their debut in early 2014.

Nick Coyle of Stardog Champion has a new track online titled “My Direction“.

Pearl Jam sit on top of this week’s Billboard Top 200 Chart with 166,000 copies of ‘Lighting Bolt‘ sold. The album is the band’s fifth No. 1 album. Congrats.

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