There is no hope…

Seether are nearing the end of the recording process for their upcoming release. The album will be the first since Wind-Up sold them (and just about all of their “older” bands) off to Bicycle Music.

A compressed digital file of the Heaven’s Basement track “Can’t Let Go” is now available as a free download.

Like Demon Hunter? Call 832-742-4868…

Metallica’s performance of “One” with Lang Lang at the Grammy’s is available on iTunes. Proceeds will be deposited into the bank account of MusiCares.

And now, a video…

New Against Me! tour dates are out! A list of those dates, cities and venue information can be viewed here.

Check out Kyng’s new musical composition, “Electric Halo“.

Speculators continue to speculate about the new Foo Fighters release. I don’t care how they record it, just hurry! Please.

Rival Sons are in Nashville recording their fourth album.

Check out More Than a Thousand’sHeist” lyric video.

Project 86 are Indiegogo-ing their new EP.

Mr. Rob Zombie has spring tour dates! There are way too many “spring” shows that I want to be at! I say to go them all! My wallet laughs at me. :\

Tool’s west coast tour is moving east to Arizona and Texas. for info!

Random video…

The following releases are now available:

Single Releases

Black Label Society – “My Dying Time” (eOne) – Amazon MP3
Bobaflex – “I’m Glad You’re Dead” – Amazon MP3
Chevelle – “Take Out the Gunman” (Epic) – Amazon MP3
Redlight King – “Times Are Hard” (Hollywood) – Amazon MP3

Album Releases

3 Years Hollow – ‘The Cracks‘ (Imagen Records) – Amazon MP3
Agents – ‘Find the Place‘ – Amazon MP3
Crosses – ‘Crosses‘ (Sumerian) – Amazon
Fake Figures – ‘The Must Be Destroyed‘ – Amazon MP3