A piano version of Art of Dying’s “Sorry” is now online and can be streamed below.

The band’s latest album ‘Vices and Virtues‘ is in stores now.

Art of Dying have released an acoustic album titled ‘Let the Fire Burn‘ to Amazon MP3 and other digital outlets. A physical release which includes a bonus DVD is due on May 1st in Canada only.

Track list includes:

Disc 1: Audio
1. “Get Thru This”
2. “Sorry”
3. “I Will Be There”
4. “Go Your Own Way”
5. “Better”
6. “I Will Follow”
7. “Out Of Body”
8. “Say What You Need To Say”
9. “Completely”
10. “God For A Day”

Disc 2: DVD
1. Documentary “Why We’re Here”
2. Behind The Scenes Documentary
3. Music Videos
4. Tour Video Blogs
5. Bonus Photo Gallery